Performance Improvement

The ability to drive transformational change—such as pushing past performance plateaus, changing the culture, or adopting enough critical mass to make any difference—is a key source of competitive advantage.  However, a recent survey reports that one in three change programs fail.  We work with you to navigate the obstacles that sink the others.

Below are several common pitfalls to stalled performance:

  • Failing to launch the right initiatives
  • Failing to tackle a manageable number of initiatives
  • Failing to put the right structure in place
  • Failing to install a supportive “initiative environment”
  • Failing to involve the right people in the right ways
  • Failing to use a common language for initiative management
  • Failing to install an effective, efficient reporting and monitoring system

Our real-world experience and rigorous approach help clients shape successful transformation programs and build cultures of sustained improvement.  Specifically, we work closely with clients to:

Diagnose organizational health

“Health” can be defined as an organization’s ability to align, measure, execute, and sustain results faster than the competition. Our organizational assessment tool highlights strengths and weaknesses in the 4 critical areas of performance and provides a tailored and specific tactical plan for your organization to meet its growth goals.

Shape and deliver transformational change

We help clients design and deliver far-reaching change efforts through our Engineering Performance model. This approach helps leaders shape a change vision and set targets that are tightly linked to business outcomes; evaluate organization’s ability to meet those targets through its people, the expectations it sets and its feedback loop; and deliver improvement initiatives that strengthen performance, build bench strength, and change organizational mind-sets and behaviors.

Integrate future state with the current business process

Having an official process for key business functions is important- BUT only if the process is being followed.  We help the client not only build a working process but design the mechanisms that “call” for the proper process use and build the environment in which it can sustain itself.

Help leaders accelerate change

Leaders have a unique role in transformational change: They must reach the “critical 32%” of the organization.  We take you through the process of initiating, identifying the “Eureka” group and ultimately building commitment with the influential leaders in the organization to finally get results.