KPIs to Focus on to Elevate Your Company’s Acquisition Value

Many business owners point to their top-line revenue and say, “We’re doing great. Just look at our revenues!” But revenue is not profit. In fact, revenue is fairly far down the list of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that an acquirer will focus on when determining acquisition value. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to look at your company as an acquirer would, and examine the KPIs they would find most-important:

  • EBITDA, Adjusted EBITDA
  • COGs
  • Gross Profit Margins
  • OPEX
  • Customer Concentration, and GPM performance for each

Meet the Speaker:
John D. Wagner
M&A Columnist, LBM Journal; Speaker, LBM Strategies Conference; Author of 19 books

Listen to the webinar, here.

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Discover Millions in Latent Company Value Leading Into an Acquisition

Preparing your company for acquisition should not be done just months before you sell.

Underperforming operating expenses (OPEX), high cost of goods sold (COGS), and low gross profit margins (GPM) can hurt your business’ sale value, sometimes dramatically. But these KPIs can be readily corrected… given disciplined focus, experienced outside advice, and ample lead-time. Only then should an investment banker be engaged to create the deal book for a potential acquisition.

In this webinar, renowned profitability optimizer Ryan Brown, and investment banker, John D. Wagner will discuss the ideal “sequence and hand-off” for engaging these two experts in the preparation for, and sale of, your LBM business. Their combined expertise has already discovered millions in latent value for others. Learn how to maximize your company value.

Meet the Speaker:
Ryan C. Brown
Process specialist; columnist; business owner

Listen to the webinar, here.

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